Thursday, August 30, 2007

03 : Sloop John B

Is it only me that has trouble remembering the words to songs? It always takes an age before they sink in.

I thought the third tune I'd learn would be a simple one, it doesn't get much simpler than Sloop John B. and doesn't sound half bad on uke. I looked up the song on YouTube to get familiar with it, only 3 chords C, F and G7, and then got the sequence off of Chordie. I was suprised to find that no one had put up a version of this song played on the ukulele on YouTube, maybe now is the perfect opportunity :)


Amber said...

I just started playing about a month ago after not having played an instrument in over ten years. You remind me a lot of me right now! It's nice to know I'm not the only one learning all this stuff.

Are you absolutely addicted like I am?

Mac said...

Hi, I'm thinking of taking up the uke and have a few questions...

1. I've never played an instrument in my life - tried guitar once but gave up! Roughly how long will it take before I can knock out a few recognizable tunes?

2. I've seen your uke on ebay. Have also seen some really nice ones on - the KALA KA-15S looks like a lot for the money - do you think spending a bit more and getting one like this is a good idea? I'm thinking a beginners outfit with uke, case, tuner, book/dvd. My logic is if it doesn't work out, I can sell the whole lot on eBay and not loose too much.

Nice, site BTW. Thanks.


Keith said...

Amber, I don't think I'm addicted, my wife says otherwise lol :) , Got to say the Uke is alot of fun, such an approachable instrument :)

Alan, I got no idea how long before you can start making recognisable tunes, it took me a couple of days before "Five Foot Two" was recognisable ;). That however wasn't perhaps the best song to pick as a beginner, "Sloop John B." will certainly be easier.

In terms of picking a Uke, I'm a complete beginner so really can't advise. However its generally recognised in the various forums that the Coloured Mahalo ukulele is a good option, and if you don't like it you haven't spent much money :)

I recommend you visit Ukulele Cosmos (link on the right) and join their forum, there are a number of threads on there with advise on some models that are considered good buys :)

Jay said...

hi my name is Jay and i just receved a uke for christmas and i figured i would try to find some other people who play. i have played guitar for 3 years now and my grandfathers uke for 2, but i finaly got one of my own. if you played guitar (eaven for a short time) i would recomed getting a baritone uke, all of the chords are the same (minuse two strings).