Saturday, September 1, 2007

04 : In search of a rose

A song that I have grown to love from the Room to Roam album by the Waterboys is "In search of a Rose". I remember when I first heard it thinking that this is not the usual Waterboys material, it had a distinctly Irish folk sound and set the tone for the rest of the album. Mike Scott even sang it with an Irish accent, which I thought was odd as he was born in Scotland :D

While looking for songs to play at the chordie website I came across this favorite of mine :- however I had a couple of problems with it. :-

1. I wasn't convinced it was in the right key, easily solved by using chordies transpose function, plus as an added bonus, the chords used are a little easier to play, perfect for a noob like me :)

2. The chord used at the bridge at the start of the line "But I don't mind" was down as [Em], no matter how I tried to play it, it just sounded wrong, I therefore replaced it with [C], It now sounds right to me, but I don't know if its correct :/

This raises a couple of questions to me, should we take the chords listed on chordie and other sites as being accurate? Is it ok to fiddle with them to make it sound right "for you" ?

Anyhow the transposed version that I'm playing, with "changed" chord is below, the colour is different so you can easily see and change it back if you want :)

In search of a rose (from Room to Roam)
Mike Scott / the waterboys

[C]Where will I [G]wander and [C]wonder
[F]Nobody [C]knows
But where[F]ever I'm [G]going [C]I'll go
In [G7]search of a [C]rose

[C]Whatever the [G]will of the [C]weather
and [F]whether it shines or it [C]snows
where[F]ever I'm [G]going, I'll [C]go
In [G7]search of a [C]rose

Bridge :-

[F]I don't know where it's found
[C]But I don't mind
[Dm]as long as the world spins around
[C]I'll take my [G7]time

I'll [C]savour the [G]softness of [C]summer
[F]I'll wrap up when winter [C]blows
but where[F]ever I'm [G]going, I'll [C]go
In [G7]search of a [C]rose


rbrown said...

Yes, most Chordie songs include some sort of disclaimer saying they are the work of the poster and as such, are not guaranteed. I've gotten a couple of great old Waterboy songs from the same era. Love 'em. "Bang on the Ear" is my wife's favorite of all the songs I do. She likes it better than the original recording! Check it out. I think it's in my songbook, "Mr.Browns Songbook".

Keith said...

Thanks for the comment, I'll have to look that song up. I did a quick search for your song book, but couldn't find it, have you set it to public?