Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Last 7 days

I think as a blog about learning the ukulele I'm going to be posting less frequently. At the beginning because it was so new to me I seemed to have plenty to post about, now I'm in more of a routine and don't have that manic urge to absorb evey bit of ukulele information I come across :).

So what have I done over the last seven days? Well since getting my uke I have played it every day which surprises me, as I still know only a handful of songs some of those songs start to get a little boring to play, but I won't move onto another song until I'm happy with how I'm playing the current one (rightly or wrongly?), the current one happens to be "Can't buy me love" by the Beatles, again courtesy of Doctor Uke's brilliant website. The song had a nice challange for me in the form of the chord "F7" because it uses 4 fingers for the chord. It took me ages to get that one correct but is now hugely satisfying when I hit it just right.

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