Thursday, October 18, 2007

A month since the last one !

I thought I really must update my blog only to discover that a whole month gone by since my last update. In that month I've learn the following songs :-

1. Daydream Believer - The Monkees
Quite tricky for a beginner, worth persevering with though. My biggest problem I had was trying to sing along, the key wasn't right for me and by the time I decided I really should have changed the key I was too sick of it to bother.

2. Fishermans Blues - The Waterboys
I love it sung by the Waterboys and is an easy song to learn, but becomes boring fast. Have a search on youTube a guy with a guitar does a great version.

3. I Wanna Be Like You - Song from the Jungle Book
This is a great fun song and sounds lovely on the uke, definitely learn this one. In fact my brother was around the other day, he didn't know I was learning the ukulele, after hearing a snippet of this he's decided to by a uke of his own, I'm expecting hate mail from his wife shortly ;)

4. I'll Fly Away - Traditional Gospel type song
This is the open invitational song for October at Ukulele Cosmos, not a type of song I would normally play, but its all for fun so I though I'd give it a blast. It turns out that its a good song to play and easy for a noob :)

I'm currently learning "Ain't She Sweet" courtesy once again of Doctor Uke.

Also one month ago I only had one ukulele, I now have three. My original coloured Mahalo, a soprano Ohana SK-25 and a concert Clearwater Roundback. I plan on putting up a comparison of these ukuleles, not a review as such but recordings of how each sound so that people can make up their own minds and draw their own conclusions.