Sunday, August 26, 2007

01 : Five Foot Two

I wonder how many others learn "Five Foot Two" as their first ukulele song. I blame a guy called Benny. While searching YouTube for ukulele tutorials I came across "learning Uke with Benny Lesson 1", he picked "Five Foot Two" as his song to learn, it sounded to me pretty good and also sounded like a fun tune. I managed it but it took me a few days to pick it up, in hindsight it might have been a little difficult as a first tune as it uses 5 chords, but I've really enjoyed learning it. I think its important that you pick songs that you're going to enjoy playing, if the song is boring to you it will be a chore to learn it.

The downside to this song, is that I've played it so much that my wife and children are completely sick of it :/

To help learn this tune I recommend that you go to the songs section of Doctor Ukes website and look for this song, he has a pdf with all words and chords which were invaluable to me.

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