Saturday, August 25, 2007

Why pick a Ukulele?

The ukulele was a complete impulse buy for me. Other than learning the uke I also play computer games and I have a Nintendo DS. I was reading on a forum about a new game for the DS called "Jam Sessions" which basically turn the DS into a pocket virtual guitar, on one of these threads someone mentioned that he'd had problems learning to play the guitar but had come across his uncle's ukulele one day and found he could play something on it fairly quickly.

This appealed to me as I too over the years have tried to learn to play the guitar, I'd pick up a few chords and then just give up, then try again a few years later. So now inspired to learn to play the uke I did a quick search on ebay and not wanting to spend very much purchased a coloured Mahalo soprano ukulele all for the princely sum of about £15 including postage.

NOTE : I was lucky that I'd picked that Mahalo as this seems to be the recommended beginner instrument all the others in that price range are apparently garbage.

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