Saturday, August 25, 2007

A short introduction

"There's so much beginner stuff out there, why a blog about learning to play the ukulele ?", you may ask and you'd be right, a tonne of stuff. Sometimes if you have so much information it can seem a little daunting and for a newcomer like myself make it a little tricky in deciding where to begin. With this blog I'm going to write about the tunes I've learnt as and when I learn them, problems I come across and little pearls of wisdom (if I come across any ;) ) and if this helps anyone else to learn the ukulele then I'll be a happy man.

I'm also hoping that you share with me and anyone that might be reading, let us know if you have found something that has helped you or tunes that have been particularly noob friendly, please no "row row row your boat" type recommendations :D

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