Saturday, January 24, 2009

Moana UK-70 Solid Spruce Top Soprano Ukulele

Seems like everyones getting new ukes these days. I fancied something a little different to the couple of Mahogany ones I have and something dirt cheap that I wouldn't mind drilling some holes in to fit a pickup.

I decided to try out one of Moana's new ukes, I plumbed for the solid spruce top with laminated mahogany back and sides, it cost me £42.50 including postage (they're running 15% off for January)

Out of the box it looked good, but it also had those cheap black GHS strings, the action was way too high at the nut and the intonation was poor. The tuners are also pretty cheap.

Using my trusty needle file I deepened the slots and replaced the strings with concert aquilla's. I'm now loving the sound, completely different tone to the Mahogany's. Its quite bright and doesn't sound as subtle as my other two. Here's a sound sample I did to give an idea :-

and a couple of pics, notice the picture of the nut how deep the slots are, before adjusting the strings were practically sitting on the top.

Here's how it now intonates

If you're willing to put some time in to fix the action and intonation I'd recommend one of these as a great value uke, otherwise pay extra on say an Ohana and get one ready to play on arrival.

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darren said...

Your intonation looks great - way better than on the Kala KC I just bought (mine is up 20-25 cents on the G string; up by 5-10 cents on the others at the 12th fret. It's not good up the fretboard either).

I don't see how you fixed the intonation - is there a way to do that on a relatively cheap uke? The action on mine is fine.